Pwy Geith y Gig?

Lara Catrin will be travelling around Wales  once again in 2019, looking for young musical talent to form a unique new band.

Lara Catrin

Along the way, six of wales’ most exciting bands will be visiting their old schools for a chat and a gig!

One song from each of the six bands will be performed by young people between the ages of 11-16.

And the prize for the chosen members of the new band? To be mentored by three of the top names of the music scene, and to perform live in a special gig at the 2019 Urdd Eisteddfod in Cardiff Bay.

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Closing Date - 18th February 2019


Find out about the three who will be mentoring and choosing the members of the winning band in 2019…



"I’m looking for someone who stands out, someone unique, who can play or sing well, obviously, but also someone who has a passion for music, and wants to experiment and try new things. (Not asking for much.)"

Osian Williams

Osian Williams

Lead singer of the band Candelas, and a member of Alys Williams’ band, Palenco and Siddi.

"In this series, I’ll be looking for someone who enjoys themselves, and doesn’t try to copy anybody else. You have to be yourself on stage to get the audience on your side."

Yws Gwynedd

Yws Gwynedd

One of the most popular solo artists in Wales, and a former member of Frizbee.

"It’s great to be a mentor on PGYG again. Since taking the step from recording to developing the Recordiau Côsh label, working with new talent has given me a real thrill, and this is a chance to do more of that."


6 of Wales’ most well known bands have recorded one of their songs especially for Pwy Geith y Gig.

Each track is available with one of the instruments or the voice missing to allow you to learn to play or sing that track.

Download onto your phone by clicking the download icon file_download or play them online by clicking the track name.

The words and chords are available as a PDF file by clicking by clicking the icon insert_drive_file and the music charts for some instruments are available too. queue_music


How to record your audition

It's easy! Follow the instructions below, and send your audition to us through the website!

  1. You will need: Phone/Tablet, Computer, Headphones, and your instrument.
  2. Place your phone/tablet somewhere stable on it's side (landscape) ready to record.
  3. Make sure you and your instrument are in shot on the screen.
  4. Pick your song on the PGYG website, and click on the instrument you'll be playing.
  5. Plug the headphones into th computer so that only you can hear the backing track while you're recording your audition.
  6. Press 'Record' on your phone.
  7. Introduce yourself, then press 'Play' on the track on the computer.
  8. After the count-in, play along with the track!
  9. Send us the video clip via our online form.

You may re-record and send as many auditions ad you like, and change instruments too, but please don't play an instrument AND sing in the same audition.

Good Luck! Go for it!

Ymgeisio Yma

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